OYM Day 83: Opening Emails & Trusting Myself

I’m writing today, but I can’t post it here. I’m going to email my dad. We emailed about a month ago when I posted “My Day In Court.”

I don’t know why… it’s probably the new moon, but I feel like I need to respond to him. So, I’m going to. And because it’s going to take a lot out of me, I’m going to consider it my writing for the day.

Side note: I’m loving the responses to yesterday’s post. It’s motivating me and making me smile to think of all of you… in your new shoes, planting a garden, etc.

Time to write an email where I open my mouth and, as always, trust myself.



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Cassie Jean Wells

35/F/Las Vegas — Not a dutch milkmaid as picture may suggest. Question? Ask me anything. Info@oymandtrustme.com