OYM Day 16: 8 Habits of Highly Successful…Oh, go fuck right off

Articles with titles like that make me want to roll my eyes so hard I might wake up in another dimension. I used to read articles like that. Then I realized I would never be waking up at 4am and cleaning a juicer every damn morning. And going for a run while listening to an audiobook just isn’t something that comes naturally to me, as I would most definitely get distracted and run into a tree or oncoming traffic if it was a good book.

Can we stop doing this to people? Can we stop coming up with arbitrary numbers and tacking lists to them full of drivel that successful, happy, healthy people live by? I can’t afford to grocery shop like Gwenyth and no one naturally wakes up at 4am unless you’re over 70 or a bat.

Adopting the habits of Steve Jobs will not give me his success. It will just make me an asshole…and last time I checked, we were doing pretty good on those. No need for more.

Maybe I’m just lazy, but I hate to think that happiness, success, and health are always the same recipe. I personally fluctuate on what makes me happy, what makes my body feel best, and what has moved the needle in my career. I also know that those titles are click bait. They get so many clicks. Pick a random number, attach it to something involving self improvement, and people will read it.

Whether it’s 5 habits of people in a healthy marriage or 7 reasons you’re still out of shape, tell those articles to fuck right off. They don’t know you, or your spouse, or the hour you wake up, or how hard you find it to meditate with a toddler clawing at your eyelids. They don’t know that power poses are a thing of the past and that fitting in a new class every month doesn’t give us a creative outlet, but instead just makes us busy. The dreaded busy. The time suck that exhausts us, gives us anxiety, and leaves us unfulfilled. These lists? They’re just regurgitated garbage.

And you’re better than that. Listen to yourself and don’t hold yourself up for comparison with people that also very likely encountered giant strokes of luck.



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Cassie Jean Wells

Cassie Jean Wells


35/F/Las Vegas — Not a dutch milkmaid as picture may suggest. Question? Ask me anything. Info@oymandtrustme.com